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Buying A Home

Advice on buying a home with a competitive edge.

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Home Inspection ProcessAs a home buyer in Rehoboth Beach , you can get a feel for whether a home's systems and appliances are in working order. However, you can't know for certain until after the home's been inspected.

This is why real estate agents recommend that buyers hire a licensed home inspectors immediately after going into contract. It's the best way to really know the home which you're buying. 

By definition, a home inspection is a top-to-bottom check-up of a home's physical condition and systems, including a review of the structure, and its plumbing and electrical systems. Home inspections are not the same as a home appraisal, which is a valuation of the property.

When you commission a home inspection, you should be present for it. Here are 3 reasons why :

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first-time-home-buyersIt can happen when you least expect it: an opportunity unexpectedly opens up – and you suddenly realize that the time to become a homeowner is here! It may happen when the landlord of the Rehoboth Beach home you’ve been renting suddenly decides it’s time to sell. Or, during a search for a rental, you happen upon a new Lewes listing that’s such a bargain you’d be crazy not to snap it up!

For Coastal Delaware first-time buyers, unexpected opportunities like these may be the first time they seriously entertain home ownership. If that’s the case, they may well be disappointed. The fact is, the time for first-time buyers to start planning is well in advance.

Job One is to take very seriously the sometimes arbitrary-seeming Rules of the Road for credit

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credit-score-fico-improvementFor home buyers in Coastal Delaware and nationwide, credit scores can change low mortgage rates and alter home loan approvals. Borrowers with high credit scores get access to lower mortgage rates, for example, and can find the mortgage approval process to be more smooth that borrowers with low credit scores.

If your credit score is low, here are some basic ways to help improve it. 

Get The Reports

Download an updated version of your credit report from each of the three major reporting bureaus -- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The reports may mirror each other, but credit accounts -- especially derogatory ones -- sometimes don't appear on all three. Ordering reports from all three bureaus is a safety step. Note that the credit bureaus each use

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Oceanfront CondosPurchasing an oceanfront condominium for full time residency or investment property should not be done on a whim. The financial considerations should be studied and weighed before making such a purchase. Each party has its obligations.

For you, can you afford the monthly maintenance fees without stressing your wallet in the event your rentals are on the slow side? Can you afford a condo facelift every five years or so to freshen up your place to make it a desirable unit? 

For the condominium, do you have sufficient insurance coverage in place in the event of a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane? Does the condominium have adequate reserves to repair roofs, pave parking lots and paint the buildings when it’s needed? 

Here are 5 tips to purchasing

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There are advantages to buying a home during the winter months, aka "off season" here at the beach.

1. Less Competition. There is less competition from other buyers. Many buyers do not want to brave the icy roads where they live to venture south to the beach areas of Sussex County. This could translate into a good deal for you. 

2. More Time With Your REALTOR®.  Typically your Real Estate Agent is not as busy this time of year which translates into more time for you!

3. Ugly Ducklings. Some houses that are still on the market in January & February may have been on the market for a long time. This long market time could be for a variety of reasons including that the house was priced incorrectly or it could be that the house simply does not show very

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green-home1_231"Green" homes can be great for the environment and can save you money over time. For environmentally-conscious homeowners wanting to minimize their footprint and their energy bills, there are four areas upon which to focus. 

In-Home Energy-Efficiency
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as of December 2012, buildings account for 68 percent of the nation's total energy consumption. Green homes can reduce this figure via energy-efficient appliances; well-sealed, double-glazed windows; and good insulation. Alternative energy sources such as solar panels can also reduce energy use.

Green Building Materials
Building materials are determined to be "green" based on manufacturing, shipping, and reclamation procedures, and are composed of

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Condo Fees

A recent survey finds that among those who are seriously considering buying a condominium in the coming year, nearly a quarter of them consider condo fees a key element in their decision.  According to the study, participants think HOA fees “feel a lot like paying rent” -- sometimes causing buyers to switch focus toward properties for sale where they “won't have to pay the [high] monthly fees."

Psychologically, it’s understandable. The concept of paying $400 or more a month (condo fees vary from $100 to $1,000) as a “fee” on top of a mortgage can indeed feel a lot like paying rent. But not all costs associated with owning property are readily apparent. 

For example, most condo fees include maintenance for common elements like landscaping, snow

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Fix up an historic homeIf you enjoy both history and fixing things, then you may have trouble driving by historic homes for sale in Lewes without feeling the urge to buy and fix one up.

Before you do, however, you should know the three R's of fixing historic homes -- Restoration, Renovation, and Repair.

"Restoration" is the process of returning a home to its original state. Restoring historic homes often requires city and state permission. It's essential that you check to see whether your home is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP); or, whether it's located in a historic district. If either is true, there may be a specific set of rules to follow while renovating.

Restoration can be an expensive endeavor. For a home to keep its historic

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Rehoboth Christmas memorialWhen you visit any of the properties for sale in Rehoboth Beach this time of year, it’s likely you will notice a little extra sparkle.

The holiday touches may be variations on the icy blue-and-white color palette -- or dashes of silver brightening the traditional red-and-green decorations. If you’ve been reading the home décor magazines, you know how the leading trends this winter are all about glitz and glam: designer touches meant to brighten even the darkest winter day (remember, this year’s shortest day -- December 21 – is right around the corner!). Still, I always suspect that a little nostalgic holiday warmth can add the same kind of welcoming touch…without breaking the piggy bank!

If you are planning to join those with Rehoboth Beach properties for

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Shopping for a homeOne of the effects of the steady national rise in home prices is a shift in attitude by previously cautious consumers. It’s only natural to find more people focused on buying homes in Rehoboth Beach while it is still relatively inexpensive to do so.

Homeowners who are listing their own Coastal Delaware properties this winter are well advised to be mindful of those and other considerations bound to be motivating prospective customers. Buying homes – especially homes in a faraway locale – gives rise to many concerns. Positioning the way a home is marketed to anticipate those concerns can mean a sale to an out-of-town buyer on a Coastal Delaware home-hunting trip.

Some of the questions out-of-towners are likely to be thinking about:

What are the
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