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Antique Lewes HomeIf you live in a home built in the early 20th Century (or before), cold winter evenings can send visions of new homes dancing through your head. With floors that creak and windows that barely slow the icy gales of January, even the antique charm of your original wooden banisters can wear thin (most noticeably after your sister’s kid knocks another handrail loose).

But don’t despair. While new homes in Lewes may be a preferred investment for some buyers, duplicating the authenticity of your hand-hewn, turn-of-the-century Victorian is, quite simply, not possible. With the right specialists to help, keeping your original home in top repair might not be as time consuming or costly as some fear.

Original windows, for example (the kind famous for letting

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The other day I read an opinion piece that I really couldn’t agree with. The writer expected a pause in the pace of the residential market upturn now that many of the most obvious bargains have been snapped up. He thought that was to be expected, and that a further rebound would be likely to follow. His idea was based on the notion that many otherwise well-qualified prospects – buyers who may have narrowly missed the bottom of the market -- would now be waiting for prices to fall again. They would only reappear once they realize that those super bargains were a once-in-a-lifetime affair.

In my experience, individuals who are even half-serious about buying homes in Rehoboth Beach are usually not motivated by squeezing every cent from the bottom line.

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Study Yields Change in Buying vs. Renting

Rehoboth Beach Rental Homes & the Rent vs. Buy Metric
New Rental Homes Metric: Both Clever and Hilarious

For everyone who rents (or leases) Rehoboth Beach rental homes, it’s a choice that comes up every year: rent or buy. In addition to the common sense considerations everyone brings to that important decision, some financial measurements have been developed through the years that attempt to bring an element of rationality to a largely subjective decision.

Actually penciling out an answer isn’t always satisfactory because it is literally impossible to quantify elements like peace of mind. To some who own their Rehoboth Beach homes, there is great peace of mind in controlling their own destiny. To others, the

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Now is the time to buy! You read and hear it everywhere. Real estate and financial experts agree that today’s housing market certainly favors the buyer. Low interest rates, larger inventories, and affordable prices make buying now very enticing. The question one should ask first though, is buying right for me?

Below is a list of things to consider in making that decision. Owning a home in is a long term financial responsibility and should not be entered into lightly. If you decide to purchase, start off making the first wise decision by using a professional real estate agent. The internet gives buyers unprecedented access to the property listings but you will be much better off to have an agent with your best interest at heart that can advise and assist

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