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Coastal Delaware Home BuyingA Coastal Delaware home might be the right match for your family. Do you prefer living by the water? Do you want a low-maintenance house? Of course, desiring to live near the coast and finding the right property are two different things. But while the search can be difficult, it’s possible to find the home of your dreams. And when you do, making a good offer on the property can put you a step ahead of the competition. 

This is prime real estate. The more you know about the basics of making an offer on a Coastal Delaware home, the better your odds of acquiring a property. 

1. Offer a fair price for the property.

It goes without saying, a low-ball offer isn’t going to get you anywhere with sellers. In many cases, they need to sell the house for a

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Cinema by the Canal - Lewes homesThe real allure of living in Coastal Delaware is that you get to live in Coastal Delaware. It's gorgeous, most especially homes in Lewes, and there's just few places we'd rather be.  We at Mann & Sons are always on the lookout, though, for special events to make the move here all the better. With summer in full swing, we have our eye on a number of annual events to look forward to.

To get a good idea of the true beauty of the area, we're going to start with the 23rd Annual Lewes Garden Tour, taking place on June 15th. This tour gives you a chance to look at some marvelous "hidden gardens," selected for their variety in styles and types. Along with several within walking distance of Zwaanendael Park, you'll also get a chance to see the Children's

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Coastal Delaware Events in May 2013In our minds, the first and best draw for finding the Coastal Delaware home of your dreams is the fact that you will get to live in a home in Coastal Delaware. Given the natural beauty of the area, we're not sure any more incentive is needed. Some events coming up in May, however, have caught our eye, and they might just provide a little incentive to make the move.

Lewes is a beautiful little town on the DelMarVa Peninsula and they proudly bear the motto "The First Town in The First State." The picturesque quality of Lewes makes for a great visit (or perfect home) any time of the year, but be sure to drop by on May 4th for the Lewes British Motorcar Show. An amazing afternoon of springtime in Delaware, highlighted by stylish British cars and a fine fare

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Rehoboth Beach Chocolate FestivalAs great as February has been living in Coastal Delaware, we have to admit that we are looking forward to March. Not that there's anything wrong with February, but rather that March 1st is a bit of a big day on our calendars. 

First off, we're thinking about making a day trip north to Winterthur, just a bit past Wilmington. Pronounced "winter-tour," it is the premier museum of American decorative arts, and it is reopening on the first of March. The museum itself is just an amazing testament to style and design, and it sits on a 60-acre naturalistic garden. It's great to visit when spring has fully sprung, and all the amazing colors of nature can be seen in full bloom. The problem is that we may not be able to wait; some of us are champing at the bit for

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Rehoboth Beach Vacation Home

You would think that buying a Coastal Delaware vacation home would be pretty much like buying your primary home. After all, the technical processes are the same: first, you locate a suitable vacation home the same way you found your primary residence (most likely with the active help of a knowledgeable agent), then the offer, financing, documentation, etc.

In fact, there are basic differences. Appreciating how they affect your final choice can help you secure a Coastal Delaware vacation home that provides the advantages you set out for -- a memory-creating family getaway, investment value that builds wealth, or both.

Patience is a key virtue in getting the deal right. Financial experts from Bankrate suggest that vacation homebuyers are in ideal

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Coastal Delaware Beach StrollPart of February is the quietness that accompanies Coastal Delaware, a busy summer resort area. Sure there are plenty of activities and talented shows to keep you entertained. But I like to think that it is also a time to reflect on Mother Nature.

There is nothing as beautiful as the symphony she presents when you walk the beaches. The grasses emit a golden yellow ochre, as their bodies bend in the wind like graceful ballerinas, swaying under a cool breeze. Even the sand dunes are dressed up in the winter coat of pale raw sienna with a hint of pink reflecting from a smiling sun.

The ocean wears its traditional steel gray. Mostly the waves are a whisper, lapping the shore line. But in its ever eye catching motion it seems to say, “Come take my hand and

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Have you ever found the ideal place to spend your retirement, but shied away because you don't have any family in the area to help you pick out your new home? Well, when it comes to Coastal Delaware living, you DO have family in the area. Mann & Sons, Inc have been helping people find homes in Lewes Beach and homes in Rehoboth Beach areas. Founded in 1984 by Betty Mann-Beebe, in 2001 her sons, Bob McVey & Bill Mann, joined the family-owned & operated business.

Mann & Sons FamilyOur agents are local experts with many years of experience and are dedicated to finding you the ideal home for your needs at the best price. But this is not merely a transaction, all of our agents bring a dedication to personal service to their profession.

They won't waste your time with endless

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coastal-delaware-residents-hoarding-ritualThere is a ritual that seems a bit early to most people. But it’s right about now that locals start hoarding quarters for the up-coming season. Until recently, you couldn’t give away this change. We know, before you turn around it will the time to feed those hungry meters.

So we reluctantly hand them over; I say reluctantly because something in the back of our minds prods us to be careful. We can’t quite remember why this currency is so valuable. Our minds are cluttered with stuff about, “Downton Abbey,” and episodes of, “Honey Boo Boo.” In other words, every television train wreck that is possible to watch during waking hours.

But for me, this ritual is crucial since I am one of those people who can’t even remember where I parked my car, let alone to

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coastal-delaware-livingPerhaps you’ve vacationed along the Delaware Coast and can’t get it off your mind—not just the abundant shopping, dining and night life, but surf fishing in one of the beautiful bays, or going deep on an offshore ocean charter.

Was it the golf in the Bayside Resort Golf Club, designed by Jack Nicklaus, that stole your heart?—if not one of the other top-rated golf clubs in the area, like King’s Creek Country Club or Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club.

Did you stumble upon authentic sunken-treasure coins along a public beach and discover they were yours to keep? That, of course, led you to the DiscoverSea Shipwreck Museum, where you indeed discovered a collection of 10,000 shipwreck and recovered artifacts that is one of the largest in the

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It may be a fundamental element in nearly two-thirds of every residential real estate transaction, yet when you think about buying or selling a Coastal Delaware home, it’s not likely to be your major focus. Important though it may be, for most people, the appraisal process seems like a mere formality. After all, haven’t the seller and buyer already agreed to the deal? What’s left to do, other than dot the I’s and cross the T’s?

Of course, if you are a cash buyer, you can choose to skip the appraisal altogether. If so, congrats - you are ready to buy as soon as you find the right property! But for the rest of us, if a loan is involved, so too is the lender’s appraisal – or appraisals.  Yet many real estate agents are not a part of this element.


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