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Vacation in Rehoboth BeachLast year, vacation home sales rose over ten percent. The U.S. Census Bureau reports there are almost eight million vacation homes in America today! That means nearly a tenth of citizens own a vacation home. The overall price of a second home is down a whopping 25% (and that’s being conservative) since 2006! Interest rates are at historic lows. A strong stock market return combined with discounted foreclosures has really brought smart buyers out of the woodwork. And the smartest buyers look to Mann & Sons when buying a vacation home in Rehoboth Beach.

There are many reasons why vacation homes are a good idea. First and foremost, purchasing a vacation home gives you a permanent place to take the family that you can fix up just the way you like. If you

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A History of Rehoboth BeachIn our first post we looked at the history of Rehoboth Beach from some 12,000 years ago up until its original charter as a city in 1873. In the second part of our blog we’ll take a look at its history from the late 1800s to today - and some of the features of the area that will help you to get the most out of your new Rehoboth Beach Real Estate.

In 1878 the railroad came to Rehoboth Beach, which in turn brought many new visitors to Rehoboth Beach. The times were changing and because of this large influx of people the focus became much more on the “seaside resort” aspects of the area, as opposed to the religious leanings as had been planned by Rev Todd and his followers when the original charter had been set forth only five years earlier. In 1879 the

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A History of Rehoboth Beach

So you have found the perfect piece of Rehoboth Beach Real Estate for your next home. Congratulations! You’ve started making your moving plans and begun your packing strategy. Before you get into all of the “heavy lifting” aspects of your move, wouldn’t it be nice (and a little fun) to learn something about the history of Rehoboth Beach, when it started and how it got where it is today?

So let’s start a long, long way time ago. According to Wikipedia, “Human beings probably inhabited the area of Rehoboth Beach as long ago as 10,000 BC; little is known about them because much of the evidence of their existence has been destroyed by development. At that time, sea levels were lower, and the Atlantic Coast lay about 30 miles (48 km) farther east than it

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History of Rehoboth BeachThe City of Rehoboth Beach began its history in the late 19th Century when in 1872, a religious group purchased 414 acres for the purpose of a Beach Camp meeting grounds. When the founders purchased the land, they also set up a boardwalk, hotel, tent houses and a post office. The official name became “Rehoboth Beach Association” in 1879. Soon after, the original activities of the religious group were discontinued, but the community that had formed around the camp thrived.

Throughout the early 1900’s, the community grew. In 1903, the town elected its first mayor, and amenities including fire and police protection, telephone service, water and a gas system soon followed. In 1937, the name was changed to the City of Rehoboth Beach.

Today, the City of

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Clear Space Theatre in Rehoboth BeachClear Space Theatre Company, located on the beach block of Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth, was founded in 2004. The organization brings a much-needed facet to downtown Rehoboth - live entertainment. Performing on weeknights as well as weekends, and in the summer as well as year-round, families, couples, and friends can pick and choose between shows and times. This spring, as the beach approaches its busy season, so does Clear Space. And as usual, they've managed to dig up all sorts of talented actors and musicians right here on Delmarva.

In years past, Clear Space has presented such summer blockbusters as Chicago and Cabaret to sold-out houses. This year, not one to disappoint, Clear Space's summer reperatory includes: 9 to 5: The Musical, La Cage aux

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Rehoboth Beach Vacation HomeSo you've decided to visit Rehoboth Beach, but the thought of staying in an expensive or inexpensive, but inconvenient, hotel just seems impractical. If you're traveling in a group or with children, privacy and comfort is sure to be of the utmost importance to you. You want to be able to relax in a cozy environment at a convenient location.

The ideal vacation rental is your home away from home. Here are some tips for planning your coastal getaway with vacation rentals in Rehoboth Beach:

  1. Search vacation rentals in the Rehoboth Beach area by visiting
  2. Review locations, photos, and check availability. Make sure to pick the vacation rental that is tailored to your family's needs. For example, whether you're best
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Rehoboth Beach Chocolate FestivalAs great as February has been living in Coastal Delaware, we have to admit that we are looking forward to March. Not that there's anything wrong with February, but rather that March 1st is a bit of a big day on our calendars. 

First off, we're thinking about making a day trip north to Winterthur, just a bit past Wilmington. Pronounced "winter-tour," it is the premier museum of American decorative arts, and it is reopening on the first of March. The museum itself is just an amazing testament to style and design, and it sits on a 60-acre naturalistic garden. It's great to visit when spring has fully sprung, and all the amazing colors of nature can be seen in full bloom. The problem is that we may not be able to wait; some of us are champing at the bit for

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Rehoboth Beach Vacation Home

You would think that buying a Coastal Delaware vacation home would be pretty much like buying your primary home. After all, the technical processes are the same: first, you locate a suitable vacation home the same way you found your primary residence (most likely with the active help of a knowledgeable agent), then the offer, financing, documentation, etc.

In fact, there are basic differences. Appreciating how they affect your final choice can help you secure a Coastal Delaware vacation home that provides the advantages you set out for -- a memory-creating family getaway, investment value that builds wealth, or both.

Patience is a key virtue in getting the deal right. Financial experts from Bankrate suggest that vacation homebuyers are in ideal

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2013-polar-bear-plunge-rehoboth-beachOne thing about the winter months in a resort area, or at least Rehoboth, the dogs are out in force. And don’t kid yourself, they are quite fashionable.

It’s one thing to worry about your own wardrobe, unfortunately for me that ship has sailed, but clothing for animals has blossomed. Just go to any street corner where there a few dogs gathered with their owners and the talk is all about sweaters, coats, hats and even rain gear. And that just from the dogs gossiping.

You can’t walk along the boardwalk, as a dog in just anything anymore. Sure the owners can look like they’ve fashioned their wardrobe from the hamper, but a dog won’t even make an appearance today, unless the sweater matches the hat. I hear things.

And now is the chance to show off some

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Oceanfront CondosPurchasing an oceanfront condominium for full time residency or investment property should not be done on a whim. The financial considerations should be studied and weighed before making such a purchase. Each party has its obligations.

For you, can you afford the monthly maintenance fees without stressing your wallet in the event your rentals are on the slow side? Can you afford a condo facelift every five years or so to freshen up your place to make it a desirable unit? 

For the condominium, do you have sufficient insurance coverage in place in the event of a catastrophic event, such as a hurricane? Does the condominium have adequate reserves to repair roofs, pave parking lots and paint the buildings when it’s needed? 

Here are 5 tips to purchasing

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