What a great time to purchase Rehoboth Beach Real Estate or a home in virutally any area. In general there is a good selection of affordable homes to choose from coupled with low interest rates. It is indeed a buyer’s market.  Below are some things to consider as you make a decision to purchase.

  • Find a good real estate agent – An agent can assist you through every step of the process from assisting you in finding the right home to getting you successfully to the settlement table and everything in-between, including where to find home inspectors and general contractors. 
  • Start looking now – There are many websites out there to assist you in your search, such as MannAndSons.com, realtor.com, zillow.com, and the multiple list services (MLS). All are…

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Now is the time to buy! You read and hear it everywhere. Real estate and financial experts agree that today’s housing market certainly favors the buyer. Low interest rates, larger inventories, and affordable prices make buying now very enticing. The question one should ask first though, is buying right for me?

Below is a list of things to consider in making that decision. Owning a home in is a long term financial responsibility and should not be entered into lightly. If you decide to purchase, start off making the first wise decision by using a professional real estate agent. The internet gives buyers unprecedented access to the property listings but you will be much better off to have an agent with your best interest at heart that can advise and assist…

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Homeowners still have time to make energy-saving and green-energy home improvements this year and qualify for one of two home energy tax credits:

1) The Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit is aimed at homeowners installing energy efficient improvements such as insulation, new windows and furnaces.
   • The 2011 credit rate is 10% of the cost of qualified
     energy efficiency improvements.
   • The credit has a lifetime limit of $500, of which only
     $200 may be used for windows.
   • Qualifying improvements must be placed into
     service before January 1, 2012.

2) Homeowners going green should also check out the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit, designed to spur investment in alternative energy equipment.
   • The credit equals 30% of what a…

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According to the November 30, 2011 Housing Pulse/Campbell Surveys out of Washington D.C.:

Investor purchases hit 22.3% of closed transactions for the month of October, up from just 19.6% as recently as July. For the past three months, investor participation has exceeded 20%, continuing a long-term trend of increased investor interest in the housing market.

A combination of low home prices and growing demand for rental units make purchasing damaged Real Estate Owned (REO), fixing up the properties, and then collecting monthly rents, an attractive financial play. In October, average prices for damaged REO hit $101,100, the lowest price recorded in two years. In contrast, home prices for non-distressed residential properties averaged $266,700 in…

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Morgan Stanley recently reported that the current home ownership is around 59.2%, the lowest since tracking began by the Census Bureau in 1965; however, more than half of Americans are still homeowners. In spite of the downward economy there are numerous benefits to homeownership and purchasing real estate in Rehoboth Beach and elsewhere.

Pride of Ownership: Probably the number one reason people are driven to own their own home. You can make your home a reflection of your taste through design of permanent features, decorating, and landscaping. It’s an investment in your future that provides a sense of security and stability.

Equity: Paying a landlord is like throwing your hard earned money into a roaring fire. It’s gone forever. In exchange for paying…

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