Lewes Delaware Home Buying AdviceWhen you are looking for a Lewes Delaware home, there are a lot of thing to consider. Sometimes, you find a great house, but it has a few flaws. Some flaws are the type you don’t want to have anything to do with, but other ones are minor and can be corrected with minimal effort or expense. For example, if the décor of a home is not something you like, you can paint with little effort. But if you are looking for a home with three bathrooms, and there is only one, it would be a more difficult fix. Work with your REALTOR® and a home inspector on specific issues, but here are some examples of items that can or cannot be worked out with the owner:

Water in the basement

If you visit a home and there is water in the basement, that may or may not be a deal breaker. It all depends on how the water got there. If the water came in through cracks in the walls or floor, then walk away. Don’t look back. If the water came in over the top of a foundation, or through window wells, then you might be able to figure out a solution that is perfectly acceptable. Water that is coming in over the tops of foundations and window wells is coming in because of poor drainage patterns on the outside of the home. A simple grading project could fix the issue. Talk with the inspector to see if this is a viable solution.

Broken appliances

A house can go on the market one day, and just as potential buyers are showing up to tour the home, the refrigerator can decide to fail. If something like this happens, be understanding of the homeowner, and don’t simply walk away. The important part of this issue is watching what the homeowner does to fix it. What they do to fix it will give you insight on how they approached repairs of other items in the home.

Upcoming maintenance

Large ticket maintenance items such as a roof in need of repair often make potential buyers walk away. If you are considering a house, but it has an upcoming major repair, negotiate the price of the home to account for that maintenance cost. Don’t let a good home get away due to normal maintenance, all homes will have that.

Good luck on your home search. If you're not already working with a REALTOR®, contact us for assistance in your search.

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