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Retirement Living in Rehoboth Beach - Lewes Region

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The common image of retirement held by many in the northeast and Midwest is one dotted by golf outings, brunch dates, and a slower pace of life that's simply more enjoyable than the daily hustle and bustle of working life. Increasingly, Southern & Coastal Delaware is playing a prominent role in the minds of retirees who are looking for the right combination of recreation, affordability, and overall enjoyment during this more relaxing time in life.

From Golf Courses to Beaches and Farmland, a Diverse Landscape

Delaware's beaches have long been legendary to travelers from nearby Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington. In recent years, though, they've become the center of a new culture that is a bit less seasonal and a bit more permanent. Retirees from throughout the northeast have been moving to the area to take advantage of a relatively low cost of living, as well as the scenic nature of lower Delaware, which borders the Atlantic Ocean along 24 miles of coastline.

Throughout Southern Delaware, scenic golf courses dot the landscape and invite newly relocated retirees to establish a membership and enjoy some of the best golf anywhere in the country. Local restaurants and salons are open year-round, despite the seasonal nature of the beaches, and typically offer off-season specials that enhance the value of retiring in this part of America's second-smallest state.

Affordability and Value: A Hallmark of this Region in Delaware

Southern Delaware, like the rest of the state, enjoys a relatively low tax burden and no sales tax at all. The same cannot be said of neighboring Pennsylvania and Maryland, which are comparatively quite a bit more expensive than retiring in Delaware's southernmost reaches.

Further enhancing this affordability benefit is the fact that many houses in the area are priced below what they would be in neighboring states. While single-family homes within a few blocks to the beach start at about $1 million, inland locations are priced below comparable properties in northern Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, or New Jersey. That gives retirees a way to compound their tax savings and enhance the value of their retirement accounts, pensions, and other sources of fixed income.

A Pace of Life that Works for Retirement

Coastal Delaware lies just about two hours from Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore, where the pace of life is decidedly quite fast and patience is hard to find. Despite its proximity to these areas, life in the region is actually slowed down quite a bit. That's a perfect match for retirees who are looking to finally put the "daily grind" to rest, enjoying a more relaxing life after years of working hard to achieve such a thing.

Life in Southern Delaware moves at a slower pace, with more friendly smiles in each neighborhood and a tendency to strike up small talk even during daily errands and other routine outings. It's a refreshing dose of friendliness and smiles that most people from the surrounding big cities long for after several decades of hard work.

The Right Combination of Proximity, Price, and Pace

Retiring in Southern & Coastal Delaware places retirees within quick driving distance of major cities, but affords them the luxury of beachfront recreation, a slower pace of life, and property that is supremely affordable. With benefits like those, it's no wonder Southern Delaware is among the fastest-growing counties and considered amongst the best places to retire.